About G6 Enterprises

G6 partners with best in class talent to provide best in class products and services.


Our mission is to make a positive economic impact on communities by educating, empowering, consulting, and supporting talented and driven individuals and businesses.



Strategically positioned across sports, media, tech, food/beverage, and entertainment, G6 Enterprises (G6) host a portfolio of businesses built and cultivated to serve. We partner with best in class talent to provide best in class products and services. 



Established in 2009 by Coach Ty Twine as G6 Sports & Entertainment Group, G6 Enterprises now includes such assets as Stream MOKO, G6 Sports Group, G6 Financial, Blank Canvas, Block Property Management, Everything Insurance, Illuminate Media Group, Chip-In and Coach's Dream Foundation (501c3).



We provide limited partnerships, partnerships, and consulting that enables a pathway for founders, athletes, coaches, entertainers, influencers, brands, event planners, nonprofits, and investors to intersect and conduct business. We are the one stop shop for everything from athlete representation, event management, business development, fiscal sponsorships, to funding acquisition, and consulting. Our portfolio of assets is managed and operated by industry leading professionals whose backgrounds, credentials, and values are in alignment with our mission.  



G6 Enterprises is poised to become known worldwide for its success in working with best in class talent across a diverse landscape of platforms.